Welcome to my blog! I am a Digital Marketing consultant who has worked with lots of clients on  SEO, AdWords, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing and many more projects. I have also worked as a quality rater for a search engine (need not tell you which! 😉 I had signed an NDA, so I can’t name it)

From my experience as web search quality rater and after working with many clients, I thought I should share some of the challenges encountered by people in my field and also share my knowledge with beginners. Of course, I am no expert, I am always learning something new every day and am a frequent visitor at Neil Patel’s blog.

Let’s start with SEO. I have worked with many clients who want to ‘get better ranks’ on Google search. One such client was a start-up financing company who had a blog and wanted to get more traffic to his site. The blog was only a month old and had about 30 articles. When I checked his Google Analytics dashboard, I found a traffic of about 10 visitors per day and those were probably by insiders. The owner of the site wanted a regular traffic of 500 visitors by end of the month and asked me to start with keyword analysis.

I had a look at the articles and found them to be very poorly written. The grammar was incorrect and a lot of articles were plagiarised. I told the site owner that no matter how many keywords you try to stuff in, this site isn’t going to get anywhere unless the quality of the articles was improved. He then recruited 4 writers who claimed to be able to write 3 articles per day! Really? Do you think anyone could write 3 high quality articles of reasonable length in one day, continuously for 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month?

Welcome to the new breed of ‘content writers’, who call themselves MA in English or Journalism, who have no domain knowledge in Finance, who think they can Google up the subject, copy-paste some lines from various sites and make some quick money. There’s another breed of content writers who call themselves experts in Finance, but can’t write a line about Finance without making a grammatical mistake or putting an apostrophe before a plural ‘s’. How can an SEO manager promise high rankings to such websites just by adding some keywords?

Having worked as a search engine rater for many years, I know that search engines have human raters who are instructed to give very low ratings to any site which has poorly written content. If you are a website owner and want to get high rankings, please remember that SEO is not just about adding some keywords. You have to write content which is of very high standards. Don’t blame your SEO manager who has to deal with articles written by these incompetent writers.

I have worked with another site owner who deals with overseas consulting and immigration. I was given an article to optimise which had very confusing sentences. When I talked to the site owner, he told me that the sentences were legal terms and couldn’t be changed. I did a Google search and found the relevant lines on the official website. Phrases like ‘regulation amendment’ were changed to ‘regulation of the amendment’ by the writer. The site owner told me that he made these slight changes because copying the legal terms would lead to penalty for plagiarism, therefore these terms were changed. The end result was a complete mish-mash of the immigration rules and I was forced, much against my will, to let the article remain on the site. Is it right for the site owner to blame the SEO manager if the site fails to get rankings?

Website owners, please listen to your SEO manager! If they say that an article isn’t up to mark, please believe them.  Avoid hiring incompetent content writers who promise 3 articles per day. You cannot launch a site, place a few display ads on it and assume you can make a million dollars by positing 3 new articles per day. SEO is not just about keywords and meta descriptions. SEO is about genuinely making your site better, adding value to your audience and the first step to that is to write awesome posts. Google will automatically find you!