I became an Online Marketer by accident. It was not my original career choice. I happened to work for 3 years as a web search evaluator and that taught me what popular search engines look for in a website. The term SEO wasn’t that popular back then – in 2009.

I also worked remotely for an Australian website as a software assistant and I was given miscellaneous jobs which involved looking at Google Analytics, Adwords and link building. Around this time, Digital Marketing had gained a lot of popularity. I found that I was already doing a lot of stuff related to Digital Marketing and decided to make it my main profession.

I wanted to do a full-fledged course, but the most popular ones from Digital Vidya and DSIM were too expensive for my liking (around ₹50000). I decided to go for a budget certification course by NMIMS, which costed me ₹20000. Now, the course was very basic and didn’t have any practical, hands-on training. However, it taught me a lot of concepts – like Marketing Communications and Online Reputation Management, which are important if you are handling the accounts of popular companies.

After I completed my certification, I got a job as a part-time consultant and that’s when I realised that what I learnt at NMIMS was inadequate in the real world.  Whenever there was an issue or a question I couldn’t answer, I would search online and most of the time, my questions would be answered by Neil Patel’s Blog.

Neil Patel

This blog taught me a lot of real-life stuff, how to use tools like SEMrush and how to get more traffic. I also attended a couple of webinars and asked questions on how to improve Twitter engagement, as I was handling a client’s Twitter account at that time. I received replies giving me links to Twitter-related articles.

I have subscribed to the blog on Facebook and every morning I am greeted with a new article which I enjoy reading along with the news. Reading the blog regularly has improved my overall confidence in Digital Marketing. I also decided to start this blog, not with the intent of making money, but to help beginners who may be struggling to get a hang of the subject. I have a couple of friends who tell me about topics they are struggling with and I try to write a post on that topic. I am no expert by any means, but I try to educate and make it simple. I may plan something more in future, but for now, I am trying to improve my writing style.

Whether you are a beginner trying to learn Digital Marketing or you are a professional online marketer, Neil Patel’s blog always has something new for you. So, I recommend that every online marketer subscribe to this website and follow Neil Patel on the social media.

I just have a couple of things on my wish-list – Neil often refers to SEMRush, but subscribing to SEMRush will cost you $99 which is quite a huge amount for someone living in India. Students who want hands on experience with tools like this won’t be able to afford it. I wish Neil Patel lists out some free tools which will help people who want to learn Online Marketing on their own. It will also help budding freelancers who want to work for clients on Upwork/Freelancer.

(PS: Did you see me using the terms ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Online Marketing’ in the above post? It’s something I learned from Neil’s blog – to use synonyms of keywords in multiple places! ;-))