The recent news about a girl being asked to take off her inner garment at an examination centre is shocking and one wonders how far can this ‘security check’ be taken.  Why is all this happening? What has come over the world?

The main cause of all this is the excessive importance given to these entrance exams. People want to clear these tests at any cost. A topper applies to 15 entrance exams, clears everything with full marks but joins only one institute. To clear these series of entrance exams, there are coaching centres which turn teenagers into 1TB hard disks to mug and store data without really understanding the subject or having time to socialise and have fun. When they can’t study and clear these exams, they decide to cheat. One person is caught and the government decides to make sure no one else cheats by framing such pathetic dress codes and security checks which humiliate students and dent their self-respect.

What’s worse is that when the news was posted by a popular entertainment portal on their Facebook page, there were reactions from girls saying that it was necessary because they have seen some people hiding chits inside their clothes. So, what more is necessary girls? Do you want this examination dress code and security go so far as to make you sit naked and write your exam? Instead of fighting the system to allow honest boys and girls, men and women some dignity, some girls are criticising the girl in question for playing the victim card!

The other day I was at a popular mall where there was a security person with plastic tags. She wanted to seal my handbag with the tag (so that I don’t shoplift). Is this really necessary? What are those ladies standing at every aisle doing, other than chatting about their boyfriends and complaining about their salaries? Can’t they keep an eye out for shoplifters? What are those CCTV cameras for? Can’t someone monitor them? Why should I be forced to seal my handbag and not be able to even take out my mobile phone from my handbag while I am shopping?  I am now hating entering a mall…and that’s something coming from a woman…women normally love shopping.

The authorities need to show some respect for people. There are metal detectors to find if people are carrying guns or any dangerous objects.  There are CCTVs to detect shoplifters. There are invigilators who should do their job honestly to prevent malpractices. Students and honest citizens should not be humiliated in the name of security checks.

CBSE and other boards need to act more sensibly to prove that they are competent enough to test students’ knowledge and give away certificates and not frame rules which allow exam centres to strip search students like criminals.

And most importantly, this entrance exam madness has to end. Children need to enjoy their childhood and teenage!